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Architect, Eugene Tsui (AIA, NCARB, APA, Ph.D.), has been called, “the seminal architect of the 21st century”. Why? Through many years of research and application Dr. Tsui has developed an all-encompassing applied philosophy based upon the profound study of nature’s processes, organisms, structures and materials at a multitude of levels, from sub atomic particles to the kineseology of insect and animal anatomy, to the ecological relationships of living habitats, and then applies this knowledge to the design and construction of our built environment. The results are a dimension of design unlike anything in previous history.
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Prominent architects in past and recent times such as Antonio Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Santiago Calatrava and others have referred to nature but only in a visual and metaphoric sense. Such architects use nature’s forms and patterns as “inspiration” for creating structures and shapes. But they know nothing about the how’s and why’s, the inner secrets and profound processes, the ecological consequences and interconnected relationships from which nature’s organisms then evolve—the very secrets of nature which created our bodies and minds. Should not our homes, schools, places of work, our cities, be imbued with this same design intelligence that nature has developed and used for 5 billion years?

What Eugene Tsui has done is create a wholly new paradigm for architectural understanding—that humanity and nature must become design partners to create a world of beauty and noble dignity fit for human beings—and we human beings have a moral obligation to create from the lessons of nature in order that both ourselves and nature can live in beauty and peace; each helping one another with ingenuity and creative insight; the imperative of the 21st century cenforce.

Dr. Tsui is not imitating nature’s shapes. He is attempting to enter into the very “mind” of nature—the source which creates the forms and processes—and apply this knowledge to create a new architecture, a new attitude of our living environments. No other architect in history has looked deeply into nature, in a rigorous and scientific way, and then apply these discoveries to architecture.

Evolutionary architecture is the coming revolution in architecture. The “green”, ecological movement is a developmental introduction. In addition, Eugene Tsui continues to find ways to make strikingly imaginative buildings economical. Something that other architects have failed to achieve. Economy of cost, conservation of labor, application of new, simplified construction methods, use of innovative materials and ecological technology, extraordinary and striking designs; these are all fundamental features of Tsui’s designs.

The work at Tsui Design and Research, Inc. (TDR,Inc.) encompasses all kinds of buildings from single family homes, schools, office buildings, stadiums, theme parks, bridges, floating cities to the tallest building ever conceived; the two mile high Ultima/Sky City Tower. TDR, Inc. are licensed architects, contractors and city and regional planners headed by Dr. Eugene Tsui.

We are also unique in that we can produce our own clothing designs, industrial designs, furniture, murals, light fixtures and vehicles within our workshop facility and design laboratory of 12,000 square feet. Eugene Tsui lectures worldwide and is author of four books; The Urgency Of Change, 2002, published by China Architecture and Building Press; Evolutionary Architecture: Nature As A Basis For Design, 1999, published by Wiley and Sons, New York; The Shenzhen Ecological Theme Park Concept Book, 2000, published by Shenzhen University Press; and The World Architecture Review, 2000, June/July Issue, published by The World Architecture Review Agency. The work of Eugene Tsui and Tsui Design and Research, Inc. can be found in numerous current publications and television programs worldwide.

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  Architecture gives form to the invisible pulses and rhythms of life. It gives pattern to structure and structure to pattern. It is an elemental mystic power that is innate to all things. The physical manifestation of this power is a consequence of the desire for the invisible to be made visible. This desire, this great motivating force is essential to the life of a thing. It is a process which organizes and composes various interrelated forces into a unified whole. Architecture is the comprehensive expression of all science and art--the wellspring of interconnectedness and functional art.
-Eugene Tsui

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CTV--Canadian Television Broadcasting Stations: Steve Murphy Interviews Eugene Tsui,
April 16, 2008, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The State of Architecture Interview with Alexia Prucell,
September 19, 2007, Filmed in the Florence and William Tsui House,
Berkeley, California USA

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    $60.00 US per copy
    postage and handling US$ 10.00 for shipping within the US and US$20.00 for international
Contact TDR Inc. at info@tdrinc.com or fax the Order Form to 510 658 7289 to order your copy today
Prompt mailing is guaranteed.



$80.00 US per copy
postage and handling US$ 10.00 for shipping within the US and US$20.00 for international

published by Wiley and Sons, New York, 350 pages, 300+ photos.
Available worldwide wherever architecture books are sold. Contains the philosophy of evolutionary architecture; the research of natural forms, structures, habitats and processes; and the architectural work that exemplifies this evolutionary approach to design. Also contains a complete chronology of Eugene Tsui's work, social and educative commentary, forward by Bruce Goff and Louis Marines (former National AIA President) and photographs of a diverse gamut of Eugene Tsui's design work spanning several fields. This book has received five star national ratings.
"Evolutionary Architecture: nature as a basis for design."


An opportunity to reserve and order your copy of the magazine, June 2000, all color photographs, special issue (80 pages) of Eugene Tsui's work, philosophy, office life, comprehensive interview, multiple essays, current chronology, hundreds of photographs and more.

$25.00 US per copy
postage and handling US$ 10.00 for shipping within the US and US$20.00 for international
Contact TDR Inc. at info@tdrinc.com or fax the Order Form to 510 658 7289 to order your copy today
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All color photographs, in English and Chinese, 110 pages, 11"x17" size, soft cover

$45.00 per copy
postage and handling US$10.00 for shipping within the US and US$20.00 for international
Contact TDR Inc. at info@tdrinc.com or fax the Order Form to 510 658 7289 to order your copy today

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$20.00 per poster
postage and handling US$ 10.00 for shipping within the US and US$20.00 for international
Each poster is 24" wide by 36" high, glossy.

Contact TDR Inc. at info@tdrinc.com or fax the Order Form to 510 658 7289 to order your copy today

Prompt mailing is guaranteed.

To order any of the above publications please print and fax the order form below to 510 658 7289.


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