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Fred Stitt
Jacket Cover Introduction for the forthcoming book, "Evolutionary Architecture: Nature as a basis for Design"

No matter how far-reaching a vision is, it can reveal very real possibilities...all sorts of possibilities that have never been perceived before. Some who call themselves visionary invent private worlds that defy reason, common sense and physics. They show us the impossibilities and sometimes include implausible explanations as to why their visions don't work. Or they take the high ground and assert that their visions are too glorious to work in this imperfect world.

Personally I prefer dreams that work. Visions that can be built. Visions that offer new possibilities in human imagination and environmental excitement. Architecture is art. Architecture helps to sustain and enhance human life, human consciousness and the environment at large. Eugene Tsui's architecture covers the whole spectrum. It seeks new, economical methods of construction to solve the most fundamental nuts-and-bolts problems of environmental design. It expresses a vision of nature that seeks to get beneath the surface of appearances and get to the heart of the organizing principles and internal structures of natural objects. And it raises consciousness. To view a design by Eugene Tsui is to look at a building that is designed as if it were the first and last building on earth. Meticulously thought through, fantastic and compelling. A visionary master architect. There are no precedents except in the internal geometries of nature as interpreted by the singular imagination of an architectural free spirit.

So welcome to Eugene Tsui's world. Don't try to understand it from any academic presumptions about what architecture is. Those presumptions and preconceptions are born of an old world of architecture. They don't apply here. Don't even think of his architecture as a 'style' that others might copy. That too belongs to the old irrelevant world of traditional architectural education and "magazine architecture". This book offers something new, something eternal. An architecture countenanced by a fresh, uninhibited and very practical-minded vision. Use this book as a window and let yourself take in the view. A view that stirs the genius within. You'll see exactly what I mean.

Fred Stitt, Architect, Director San Francisco Institute of Architecture

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