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eugene tsui

Charles Rusch
Dean of the School of Architecture
The University of Oregon

"...when one gets to know Eugene Tsui, and appreciate his maturity and his commitment to humanity, his concern about the tragic state of society, one begins to realize that this work is very serious, that this young man is searching for expressions in form and building that speak to our dilemma. I am willing to contemplate a totally different kind of architecture that aspires not only to uplift the spirit (although how seldom we do even this), but also to energize mind and body together, to get us back to the underlying harmonics of nature. In other words, when someone comes along who has the talent, clarity of vision, and the commitment to a set of values even grander than my own, I am going to listen. I think Eugene may be a true visionary. He has enormous energy which is quite contagious. He will leave a strong, positive impact on the world..."

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