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Jason Monberg Tower/Office/Library Residence
San Francisco, California USA

The owner, a computer company owner, wanted to replace a parking garage and to build a structure that would act as a kind of meditation building, office and library. The roof has an extensive garden for growing vegetables and flowers and a see-through floor for letting in light directly to the floors below. A metal spiral stair accesses all four levels; ground floor parking and storage area for two cars, garden/yard level, second level office/library and third level roof garden. The building will be completely wired for computer-controlled service to all lighting, entranceways and other items. Two versions of the tower are being developed; one with diamond-shaped tempered glass windows and the other with hemispherical acrylic windows. The double-helix wound, twelve vertical truss, aerodynamic structure is virtually indestructible in an earthquake or in high winds conditions. It is a very efficient, lightweight structure with a high strength-to-weight ratio not common to typical buildings. In biology this type of structure is called a "Nanotube" and is extremely strong. The building features a waterfall/bridge that connects to the existing house on the property. A landscape design is integral to the overall ambiance of the site. Even the existing Redwood tree is interconnected with the functional aesthetics of the area with its viewing "Crow's nest" at upper heights. Interior glass mural designs at the lower levels afford privacy from the neighbors yet pass through sunlight.

The roof garden is a spectacular viewing area giving the owners a 360 degree view of San Francisco and neighboring areas.



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