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eugene tsui

Richard Meier, Ph.D
professor of architecture, planning and environmental design, scientist, author and lecturer, University of California, Berkeley

Eugene Tsui is a polymath, a kind of genius. These long jumps he makes into the unknowns of structure and imagery... I find his personal capabilities for problem solving to be similar to the great minds I have known in physics, chemistry and biology. However he has a more pleasant personality, an ability to transmit enthusiasm, and a personal magnetism that many of the scientists did not have. He is a born teacher as well as professional designer, investigator, artist and musician, but he does not fit into any of the grooves that society has prepared in advance for developing bright people. His evolutionary ideas fit my image of a desirable, feasible future. The 21st century needs ideas like his that conserve space, energy and materials without offending esthetics. I could see several places where his ideas would be welcomed when available.

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