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TDR's eighteen years of designs for industry has produced a compelling array of products. Innovation, a thorough understanding of the marketplace and far-reaching vision makes us a consistent leader in product design. Products such as an FM stereo sunglasses, heat dissipating car stereo amplifiers, multifunctional clothing, shoes, jewelry, lightweight furniture, lighting fixtures and lamps, computer hardware, patent inventions, educational games and land, sea, and air vehicles are examples of our extraordinary range of creativity and imaginative engineering. Use of non-toxic, recycled materials, and less energy consumptive manufacturing methods are an underlying principle of TDR's commitment to companies such as Alphasonik Corporation, Postgres Electronics Group, H & K Wallpaper Company, Camiz Clothing, Kaepa Shoes, ROC Sunglasses Company, the Department of Industry of the previous United Soviet Socialist Republic.




Bentwood Chair
$1500 each (shipping cost varies with distance and mode)
Rubber floor pad, domical cushion with fade-proof fabric


Telescoping Buffet Table
$15,000 each


Rolling Buffet Table
Birch Veneer Plywood and Plexiglass
Features: Built-in light and back storage shelves


Tsui House Tea Table

Portable Display Table
Plywood and Piano Hinges
Japanese Style Dining/Exhibition Table
Redwood, Recycled Pressboard, Circular Dowels
4 built-in hot pads, 4 built-in lamps for top-lit place settings

Alphasonik Display Table
Gator Board, Plywood and wood veneer with Fluoroscent paint



Alphasonik Car Stereo Amplifier
Featuring Curved heat-dissipating fins and face logo



Dinner Plate Designs
$300 each


Freestanding Structural Plastic Screen Mural

Stained Glass Windows.


18K Solid Gold Ring with Yellow Sapphire
$3,000 to $10,000 per ring design




Alphasonik Travelling Exhibit Design, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

� Alphasonik Corporation is a world leader in the manufacturing of automobile stereo systems, amplifiers and speakers. Eugene Tsui was asked to design a new kind of car amplifier, new product packaging and an exhibition environment that could travel around the world from city to city. He designed an amplifier that had a curved body and heat dissipating "wings" that help to keep it naturally cool during hard use. The curved body gave it structural strength so that less materials could be used to produce the same durability thus lowering production cost. The new product logo and graphic design was all fluorescent colors and exploding geometries-easy to see and remember. This design formed the basis of the entire new product line and corporate identity.

The traveling exhibition structure was also based upon this graphic logo. It is a series of folded planes hinged and painted over plywood and set up to form a series of parallel crosses-very simple to position and very stable. A special product table was designed as well as a private sales stall and product display panel. All were shouting with brilliant primary colors and metallic silver as a unifiying color base. Certain colors were used for their influence on sales. The Alphasonik transportation van was also redesigned and fitted with the Alphasonik corporate identity logo. During the exhibition a fog machine was placed under the parker van so that fog permeated the floor giving the whole area an unforgettable stage performance-like effect. Visitors loved it. 100,000 people came by the first day. The exhibit could be assembled in one morning and disassembled in an hour. I special transportation case was designed to fit the whole exhibit into a single portable box that can be shipped anywhere in the world. The photographs shown here are of the exhibit be displayed at the world's largest electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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