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The Hung Kuo "Prosperity Tower", Beacon of the East
Downtown Taipei, Taiwan

Owner: The Hung Kuo Group, Taipei, Taiwan
Business Agent: Cal-East Realty, Steve Chen, Principal
Location: Downtown Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 1991
Cost: Approximetly $1,000,000,000.00 US
Square Footage: Parking: 104,832.00 meters squared
Mechanical: 30,357.75 meters squared
Hotel: 148,798.71 meters squared
Restaurants: 15,448.04 meters squared
Rooms: 67,771.06 meters squared
Service: 5,846.14 meters squared
Lobby: 37,456.39 meters squared
Combination Floors: 22,277.08 meters squared
Supermarket: 14,976.0 meters squared
Company Offices: 10,000.00 meters squared
Sky Activity: 4,000.00 meters squared
Retail: 68,020.92 meters squares
Recreation: 15,686.79 meters squared
Total: approximately 400,000.00 meters squared

Construction Materials: High strength concrete, high tension steel cable, ceramic composites, composite glass, self-shading glass, anodized aluminum, interior wood, native stone, local seashells, mineral crystals and sand.

Special Features: Aerodynamic wind-directing window cowls control the wind forces that batter the exterior yet allow soft, comfortable air to enter the interior. Arrowhead windmills and photovoltaic solar cells occupy a significant portion of the exterior surface. A 300 foot wide open sun and air shaft with mirrored reflectors lets direct sunlight enter the interior of the building. The underground parking acts as a foundation stabilizing unit measuring 50 meters into the ground. Height of the building is 600 meters with an additional 100 meters for the telecommunications antennae.

Tower contains 56 elevator shafts; 8 freight elevators and 48 passenger elevators. Each elevator travels at 400 meters per minute. Seven levels of car parking with 1820 parking spaces total. Prosperity Tower is 157 meters taller than the Sears and Roebuck building in Chicago, currently the world's tallest building. A 12 meter high observation dome allows unobstructed views of Taipei and beyond. The transmitting antennae acts as a structural support for the upper floors. The observation dome roof opens completely to view the sky at day and at night.

The spiraling appearance of the tower visually expresses the continuous garden areas of each floor. These continuous openings of direct sunlight supply the gardens with nourishment and fresh air. A continuous array of stacked water tanks containing water plants filters and cleans sewage water into clean water that is up to five times the purity of normal drinking water. This system has been called, "the living machine." Prosperity Tower includes 4 of the world's largest waterfalls measuring 70 meters high. The waterfalls serve as an air conditioning and water cleansing system. The waterfalls feed into the series of plant-filled tanks used for cleansing and provide water throughout the building.

The tower is set in a lake as a strategy for cooling and for dramatic effect. Stone walls, thick grassy knolls, trees and other vegetation create a magnificent ambiance. At night underwater lights let visitors see the fish and marine life in the lake. The lake itself is an ecological microcosm of marine life and helps to supply food to the restaurants within the tower. The circular floor plan eliminates corridor space making most of the space usable for work and service facilities. Length of service feed-lines is reduced because the lines feed through the vertical utility core and spread out to the points of the floor as they are needed.

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