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The Hamburger Museum
( International Hamburger Hall of Fame
Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

The client requirements of this project were that the building must look like a giant hamburger; or at least that it express the interior contents (hamburgers) in a clear fashion. The museum is the collection of a German businessman who has searched the globe for the different kinds of hamburgers from various continents, and wished to create a museum to display these items to the general public. The building's most predominant feature are the fiberglass walls which fold down to open the entire interior space to the outdoors;thus revealing the interior contents and creating a sensational visual and functional effect. During the Fall, Winter and Spring months, when the temperature is a comfortable 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, the building's fiberglass walls fold open and close during the later evening. The roof is like an abstract hamburger bun with sesame seed-like small glass skylight plugs that emit controlled natural light to the interior during the day. A double helix inclined ramp takes visitors up or down to view the built-in display shelves. The central waterfall provides natural cooling and a soothing ambiance. The structure of the building is Cor-10 rustproof steel with small-sized mosaic ceramic tile for waterproof sheathing that is easy to maintain. The plentiful light of the Florida sun makes the integrated use of photovoltaic panels a natural design feature. Storage and mechanical spaces are accessed from the rear. The main entrance of the building is beyond a series of ramps and bridges at the rear of the building. This allows the visitor to become oriented to the site and the exterior of the building before entering it without being seen from the more public street view. Thus the mystery of the building is incrementally revealed in surprising and intimate ways from the street and its noise.


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