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Eye In The Sky Lookout Tower
Oakland, California, USA


To build an architectural and cultural tourist attraction in the city of Oakland with the objective of creating a highly profitable enterprise that will be an unforgettable and meaningful experience to every visitor regardless of age, sex, educational, social, economic and cultural background. We want to show the world the physical beauty, the cultural and innovative ingenuity and the social richness of the area. We want to create an architectural landmark that is fantastic, meaningful, educational and ecological.


Height: 600 meters
Elevators: Four, glass and aluminum, vertical stacked cab elevators which stop at 5 floor levels simultaneously like a vertical train. Manufactured by Thyssen-Krupp Elevator Company.
Structural Materials: High strength structural steel, structural glass, anodized aluminum, stamped stainless steel, safety glass, reinforced concrete, ceramic tile and native stone.
Construction Method: Prefabrication, level-by-level crane lift system.
Number Of Windmills: 92
Type Of Windmills: Vertical axis “Eggbeater” type manufactured by Vestus Corporation
Number Of Photovoltaic Panels: 50 panels covering 14,000 square feet each panel.
Type Of Photovoltaic Panels: Siemens, producing 15 watts per square foot.

Look Out Area At 5 Levels: 96,000 square feet.
Ventilation Method: Natural controlled air breeze

The Crystal (Exhibition Hall): Ground Floor: 66,600 square feet Total Enclosed Area: 270,000 square feet Exterior/Outdoor Exhibit Space: 30,000 square feet
The Crystal Height: 450 feet

The Globe: Total Enclosed Area: 226,800 square feet Diameter: 252 feet (64.6 meters)

The Freedom Pool: 97,000 square feet
Freedom Plaza Inside Waterfall: 40,000 square feet

Sunken Outdoor Plaza: 40,000 square feet

Public Sidewalk and Plaza Area: 110,000 square feet

Total Site Size: 490,000 square feet (11.5 acres)

Newly Planted Oak trees: 164 Oak trees

Underground Parking: 4,600,000 square feet (106 square acres)


The 600 meters Eye-In-The-Sky Look Out Tower, Cultural Center, Exhibition and Public Plaza will be a spectacular symbol of the City of Oakland and the entire San Francisco Bay area. It is the tallest inclined tower in the world. It will be a global landmark present in every travel book and etched in every travel-minded individual of the world. The tower is a significant tourist attraction capable of attracting at least 10 million of the 40 million visiting tourists each year who come to the San Francisco Bay area. From the top five viewing levels visitors can view the entire Bay area for the first time in history. With admission fee of $30 for adults and $15 for students and children, parking fee, food, souvenirs, hotel stays and transportation fees, the total annual revenues generated, when established, will exceed $600 million to the city of Oakland. Gross annual profit to the tower itself is expected to exceed $400 million from ticket sales, food and souvenirs.


In addition, the Eye-In-The-Sky Tower features 92 large scale windmills and 700,000 square feet of photovoltaic panels producing additional electricity (10 megawatts). Smaller photovoltaic panels are linked together to create the outer “skin” of the tower adding another 10 megawatts of renewable electricity generation. Together, the tower is capable of producing over 200 megawatts of pollution-free electricity making it the largest and most visible renewable energy source in the world. The electricity produced is enough to supply a significant portion of the electricity needs for the city of Oakland. Oakland will be known as the renewable energy capital of the world.

The design contains four glass elevators stacked at five levels, like a vertical train, capable of reaching the top five level observation deck in one minute; the tower design would be the tallest structure in the world and, by far, the tallest inclined structure ever conceived. Reaching a height of 2300 feet and watching the city fall away below will be a memorable experience in itself. We are selling excitement and the chance to see the beauty and history of the Bay area surroundings from an incredible vantage point.

Every significant natural and human made feature of the Bay area will be located and pointed out from the observation area of the Look Out Tower. For instance, directional finders and audio tours will be indicate the locations of sights of tourist and educational interest such as the Winchester House, the garage of David Packard, the garage of Steve Jobs, the routes and settling places of the Spanish and Portuguese explorers, the native American settlements, the Santa Cruz beach area, the house of Mark Twain, the house of William Saroyan, the underground house of Baldasare Forestiere, Ames Research Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Intel Corporation, Stanford University, the Golden Gate Bridge, Stinson Beach, Haight and Ashbury, North Beach, Napa Valley, People’s Park in Berkeley, U.C., Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, Chez Panisse, the Port Chicago explosion in Hercules, the Wolf house of Jack London, the house of John Steinbeck, the house of Ansel Adams at Seacliff, Zoetrope, ILM, Dreamworks and Skywalker Ranch movie studios and much more.

There will be several locally owned, non-franchised restaurants at the top of the tower on five levels. These shall feature regional cuisine with local, organically grown produce. One restaurant will feature am English Pub-like atmosphere complete with dart board and billiards table. The emphasis on these restaurants is there California spirit and quality. Local bands will also play throughout the day and evening at designated hours. The observation levels are a personal way to get to know the locals; musicians, restaurateurs, poets, artists and innovative thinkers.

Souvenir shops, a book store and small film theatre for watching a film of the history of the Eye-In-The-Sky Look Out Tower including how it was designed and constructed will be present at the observation levels. Audio taped tours of several different languages are available at the entrance on the ground level. Illustrated and labeled maps are mounted near the windows pointing to the locations and direction of interesting places and historical monuments in the San Francisco Bay area.


In addition to the tower there are three major visitation areas at the base of the tower. These are; the 252 foot diameter glass and aluminum “Globe” with a 150 foot exterior waterfall dropping from the equator of the globe, a 270,000 square foot Crystal Exhibit Hall and a 110,000 square foot sunken outdoor, public plaza with 12 foot high continuous waterfalls. Twelve levels of underground parking accommodate tourist buses, taxis, motorcycles, bicycles and automobiles. The underground parking area, in total, covers 4.6 million square feet or 106 acres of land divided in 12 levels.


The Globe contains educationally based activities; an Exploratorium/NatureWorld Experience designed for children and adults that emphasizes the concepts and living examples of nature, an auditorium and theater for a weekly program of locally and globally renowned speakers, performances and public events. A leadership training program supports persons of all ages to develop their intrinsic interests in social causes and public issues.

The Globe contains workshop rooms for daily scheduled gatherings, a large viewing hall for a scale model of the State of California. This model would contain all of the important natural and human made features of the state in great detail. The scale model would be 200 feet long. This model would be one of the star attractions of the tower.

In the “Globe” an indoor green house displays the varieties of plants and trees unique to Oakland, the Bay area and to California. Here, local flora and fauna is composed in dramatic and artistic ways showing how the ecology of the local environment had formed.


The Crystal (Exhibit Hall) features whole walls that telescope upwards making the ground and lower levels open to the outdoors. An area of the Crystal (Exhibit Hall) contains a Minature World area where everything that is small in nature is suddenly huge and we humans become the size of insects exploring a seemingly alien world. The ground is a series of hidden foam mats that persons, young and old, can play and roll around without injury. This is a place where everyone is encouraged to rediscover their youth.

Another area of the Crystal (Exhibit Hall) shows how the city works. Where does our sewage go? How is it treated? Where do we get our food? Where does our garbage go? What happens to the rain water? How do traffic lights work? What is it like to be a policemen or fireman? All of the activities and characteristics of the city that we take for granted are now displayed and explained.


The tower contains 3943 stairs to the top level. An annual Oakland Stair Run Competition could be initiated to see who can run up and down the stairs in the fastest time. The top three fastest times receive trophies and the fastest person is deemed, The World’s Greatest Stair Runner, since the Look Out Tower is the highest building in the world—with the most consecutive stairs.


Inside the Crystal Exhibition Hall would also be installed an, Architecture Fantasy World, or, Absolute Architecture, or, Architecture As Art, whatever the title, every two years, selected persons, locally or globally, are asked to design and build the most imaginative, fantastic environment possible for the general public to experience. This experience in itself could become a global event and attraction since it exists nowhere else in the world and it would never become dull since it is recreated from a totally different approach every two years with a year’s time for demolition and construction of a new “experience”.


The outdoor areas surrounding the tower all feature undulating sidewalks, grassy knolls, flowers and Oak trees. Main walkway slopes do not exceed a 1:12 slope to accommodate the physically challenged. Other areas wend and heave in spectacular ways giving this two square block area a tremendous distinction and fun loving ambiance. It will be unlike any place in the world. It is the spatial universe of Einstein come alive in the public arena.


Surrounding the plaza area is a curved wall where movies can be projected and shown to the public at night. On warm spring, summer and fall nights the Tower plaza will show films of every sort, children’s films, art films, documentaries, closed circuit television to major events, local documentaries, feature films, etc.


Outdoor eating places, sales kiosks and booths of all sorts create an Italian plaza feeling of music, films, outdoor cafes and good time gathering places. Live bands play into the night and the young and old gather together in merriment and relaxation. Waterfalls and fountains accent and carry through the spirit of gathering.


Shuttle buses to and from the Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose airports run continuously. Private tourist companies like San Francisco's Grey Line Bus Tours will have established routes running daily. Plenty of drop off areas for taxis buses and private vehicles. Bicycle lanes to and from the tower and bicycle parking at the sidewalk edge. All parking areas monitored by security personnel for peace of mind. Tour buses, limousines, motorcycles and private cars park underground. All established tour vehicles will be specially designed to match the imagination and spirit of the tower area.


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