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Museum for Salvador Dali
Tossa, Spain

The purpose of this museum is to house a private collection of Salvador Dali lithographs and sculptures. It is also intended to be a fantastic tourist attraction visited by millions of people each year. Situated in a 1000 year old Spanish castle the building is like an exotic jewel rising out of the ancient ruins. It is meant to be touched, seen and experienced. Outside one views what seems to be a giant human figure trying to escape the walls of the building. Transparent glass "spikes" filled with water creates radiant solar heating to the interior walls and waterfalls cascade gently down the three sides of the museum. Brilliant anodized aluminum, red wrought iron, native beach stones, large seashells; bright colored ceramic tiles and patina copper create an exotic and unforgettable effect that belies the more calm and ecologic interior. The roof is made of stainless steel and sheathed in gold reflective mirrored tile. It glistens in the sunlight like a golden bejeweled crown. The roof structure opens and closes and angles according to the position of the sun and contains a bank of photovoltaic panels that provide all electricity to the building. The roof area is openly accessible and is a Dali sculpture garden with built-in seating, flowers and beautiful vegetation surrounding it on all sides--a Garden of Eden by the sea. The interior features cantilevered, curved, sea shell studded painting display walls with directional "Snakelites" that grow and bend out of the wall tops. Visitors walk up a helical ramp/stair, which coils around a waterfall and a single tree surrounded, by flowering plants--a heavenly garden at the heart of the building. Each floor is planned very differently with different alcoves, viewing rooms, Film Theater and freestanding jewelry displays. Sunlight enters each floor by a series of small circular openings created by the "spike" glass exterior cones and reflected inside as an array of star-like dots shimmering on the walls. This is a museum that Dali himself would have approved of.

exterior facade section floor plan

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