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TDR's clothing designs come from an architectural principle of functional design methodology. The results are clothing articles that are highly functional and as a result highly stylish. Many utilize materials that are waterproof, highly insulative, dissipaters of heat during movement, and in some cases, fire-proof. TDR is also investigating and experimenting with recycled fibers made from polyethylene bottles, to be used as a substitute for fleece, and polyester. The image that comes from TDR's clothing is meant to transcend culture, race, age, and class. TDR's unique clothing presents the image of an empowered, athletic, intellectual, and worldly individual. In the future TDR plans to be involved in pioneering the technology for smart fabrics and clothing designed to respond to it's environment.

Current Clothing Prototypes



Almost all the clothing tsui produces is UNI-SEX. All designs are hand embroidered and custom made for each customer. A variety of colors and materials is available and can be tailored to any individual's taste. Please call or e-mail us for details on how to place an order.


Style # 7
athletic jump suit
Style # 10
one-piece athletic jump suit
Style # 10
one-piece athletic jump suit
Style # 11
for men and women
cowl neck dress shirt
$150 Cotton
$250 All Silk
Style # 15
for men and women
fleece jacket
Style # 13
Costa Brava
tennis / golf / sailing ensemble
Style # 14
for women
pullover shirt/skirt
Style # 9
one-piece cycling rain jump suit
Style # 5
for men and women
cotton suede overcoat

Style # 8
cyclist one-piece weather-proof jump suit
Style # 4
hooded raincoat and cape
Style # 1
white cotton formal suit w/ matching pants
(white only)
Style # 3
"curvaré" jacket
Style # 6
hooded beach robe
Style # 12
for women
reversable summer dress and blouse
Style # 2
for men and women
business suit and pants ensemble
Style # 16
Genghis Khan
pullover and pantaloon outfit

To order any of the above designs please print and fax the order form below to 510 658 7289.

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