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City On The Sea

This self-sufficient city design is based on harnessing ocean wave power, solar and windmill power combined to produce sufficient electrical generation to power an entire city. This city design is proposed for windy and cooler climates that require protected structures that are aerodynamic and designed to utilize wind to great advantage. Four, giant, counter-rotating windmills at the top of the apartment unit tower creates enough electrical energy to power the entire city. Photovoltaic panels, integral with the design, supply auxiliary power throughout the city. During the turbulent windy season, when the sea is most active, a series of air plenums are employed to create turbine generation for power. This is located at the water's edge, along a catenary arch structure. The power produced from this source is used to convert sea water to fresh drinking water which is then recycled through a system of cleansing tanks filled with special water plants and marine life that take raw sewage and, using only plant vegetation, transform and cleanse it to drinking water. This system is called a "Living Machine". The base and tower structure are both designed to be aerodynamically and structurally efficient. The tower structure can be thought of as a spinal system structure with a rib-cage-like upper structure--much like our own human body. Stress and strain is directed and dispersed along the rear "spine" structure and into the base footings just as our own body's spinal column takes stresses from our upper body and directs it into our hip and leg area. This city design has a 30,000-person capacity. Exterior sheathing is gold anodized aluminum. Internal support structure is reinforced, waterproof concrete. This project was initiated through a grant from the National Endowment For The Arts (Canada).

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