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city and regional planning

TDR developed the San Francisco Bay Area Development Plan which established growth projections of infrastructure, population, commuter traffic, urban growth rates, traffic congestion, pollution, greenbelt areas, job growth and residential development rates for San Francisco Bay Area cities well into the years 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2020. Recommendations were implemented without harming existing ecology and preserving green park areas. Other projects: The Nexus Mobile Floating Sea City and the "Prosperity Tower," the world's tallest retail/office structure for the Hung Kuo Financial Group in Taipei, Taiwan, incorporate special ecological technology and self-sufficient energy systems. TDR's two-mile high Sky City Tower is powered by the sun, wind, and atmospheric pressure differentials. This design prevents the destructive effects of urban sprawl by creating a vertically directed growth structure protecting the natural environment for public recreational use.

proposed projects

City On The Sea

Telos: The World's Most Spectacular Education/Recreation/Technology Park
Brisbane, California USA

Nexus Mobile Floating Sea City
Anywhere in the world

The "Ultima" Tower, Two-mile High Sky City
Any densely populated urban environment

Shenzhen Ecological Theme Park
Shenzhen, China

Strait of Gibraltar Floating Bridge connecting Europe and African continents at the
Strait of Gibraltar

Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, California USA

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