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eugene tsui

Joelle Burrows
Director of Exhibits, The New York Academy of Sciences

The designs of Eugene Tsui are indebted to the natural sciences, the social sciences and technology, ideas distilled from biology, zoology and botany, city planning and engineering. The richness of Tsui's sources and his ability to fuse interdisciplinary elements make his work intellectually fascinating... but the artistry of execution and overall aesthetic consideration... make them serve as objects of art.

Artfully fantastical in appearance, Tsui's designs are founded on scientific scrutiny of the natural world... The designs themselves are functional; his designs work, not only in the sense that they are engineeringly viable, but also in the sense that they serve man's individual and communal needs. In the end, Tsui's strong philosophical approach to architecture and the design world pervades his designs: he seeks to bring man's living environment into harmony with nature. The fantastical becomes the visionary.

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